Your Water Damage Restoration Company in Clark County, NV


Since 1987, the All American Repair Services team has extensive expertise in all stages of disaster reconstruction and restoration. Every project manager, technician, support staff member and office professional takes great pride in saying that we are the best water damage restoration company or flood restoration company in Las Vegas. When disaster strikes we offer comprehensive consulting and pre-planning management services to prepare your home, business, government or medical facility for any emergency situation that may arise. Working directly with your insurance company through a paperless claims system allows us to ensure that the restoration of your property is expedited, minimizing further inconvenience to you.

It’s raining hard. The dry, desert soil around your basement can’t absorb any more water. Soon the water starts flooding into your basement.

Before the damage gets out of control, reach out to the certified, trained professionals at All American Repair Services. We offer 24-hour emergency restoration services in the greater Las Vegas valley.

Don’t Let Water Damage Destroy Your Home or Business

At All American Repair Services, we believe that disaster prevention is the best way to mitigate water damage. We offer flood pre-planning and consulting services for homeowners, business owners, government facilities, hospitals, medical centers, and commercial buildings. Instead of rolling the dice, prepare your home or office for flooding and stop damage before it starts.

We also understand that sometimes water damage is unavoidable. That’s why we’re one of the only companies in Las Vegas that offers 24-hour emergency water restoration service. After you call us, we’ll be at your home in an hour or less. Our technicians will start restoring your property immediately, and we guarantee our work for 10 years.

Call All American Repair Services Today

Since 1987, the certified, trained professionals at All American Repair Services have been treating and preventing water damage problems. We perform efficient, experienced remediation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our water damage restoration company in Clark County, NV guarantees our technicians’ arrival within an hour of your call. We’ll also help with your insurance claims.

Call us today to fix your water damage emergency. A customer service professional is ready and available to take your call at (702) 997-9711.