Mold Remediation Services in Las Vegas, NV

All American Repair Services, Inc. Breaks the Mold

It doesn’t take much to cause mold damage. A small leak or a flood can inflict lasting damage to your home. The four most common indoor molds are:

  • Cladosporium – Enters homes through HVAC airways and can grow on textiles and wood.
  • Penicillium – Often grows on wallpaper, fabrics and carpet.
  • Alternaria – Strong irritant found in carpets, textiles, dust and damp areas of the home.
  • Aspergillus – Common to warm climates and often found in house dust.

Mold produces irritants and allergens that can cause health problems for people living in the damaged area. All American Repair Services, Inc. is certified in mold removal. We will take samples of the mold damage in your home and send it to our laboratory partners. Count on our skilled team to remove any mold we can and contain the rest.

What’s so bad about mold?

Mold infestations can cause health problems ranging from nasal congestion and skin irritation to fever and shortness of breath. People with asthma and other upper respiratory problems are especially susceptible to mold-related health problems. Trust All American Repair Services, Inc. with your Las Vegas, NV mold infestation.

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